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Inside A Freaks Mind

A look inside

2/28/06 04:40 pm

sup motha fuckas been awhile eh?

10/16/05 06:24 pm - WUT AN AWFUL WEEKEND

it rained in newengland for a total of 8 days major flooding all that shit.
FINALLY THE SUN CAME OUT ON SATURDAY u felt like a vampire i was so blinded by this new concept of light haha

newayz i spent ALL DAMN WEEKEND moving into our new house in bloomfeild.
by saturday night we were grouchy and rude. like i was in the worst possible mood. PMS + the cold+ moving all day+ extreme exhaustain ==== BAD COMBO AND HELL BAD MOOD.
it was horrible i was so mean haha every felt bad for me cuz i was in such a bad mood so they just al
l stayed outta my way. plus they were in bad moods too so it was ebst we justt stayed waway from eachother. the car ride home was so silent haha..

mm todayy i moved all day got up at like 730. went to Annes house for dinner. fun. good food. family. yea.

oh almost forgot. saturday when it was still raining in the morning i got in a car accident. there were huge tidal waves blowing up on either side of my car frmo all this rain on the street. adnt his car behind me spun out and hti the back of my car i freaked and all the rain on either side the tidal waves were freakin me out adn then the hit and just my car hit the guard rails and slid cuz the break pads were hella wet. i hurt my neck and hti my head on the windoww. yea not a happy camper haha.

thats my weekend. awful isnt it??!?!?!?

10/7/05 05:39 pm - la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

wow its almost like vacation 4 day weekend!!
there was no skool today so tiffy came over hella early at like 8 am and we went to this new diner DISHES it was soooooooooooooooooo cute. it was just like a little peice of new york dropped in the middle of dingy hartford. like the light fixtures and stuff were so neat. the food was excellent. the staff was adorable and polite. shitt i should write them a full reveiw and make everyone go there ^_^

thenn we took the bus to go to bucklyn mall and we missed the first bus so we walked around downtown it was hella hot for an october dayy
finally we go to bucklyn malll and we were really tired. but we walked around all these stores looking for nice clothes but all theyy had was shittt
we got stalked by some crazy old men. and finally we got so tired we sat and joked on this bench for a long long time and everyone that walked by stared!! old men, young men, ugly men, fat men hahaha sooo annoynig.
it was a nicee dayy
noww i have to get ready for my outing with john... im so tired i dont even really want to go but if eel bad about cancelling so many timess so im gonna stick it out.. who knowss maybe it will be fun
bye bye

10/4/05 05:36 pm - ewwwwww

yeahh so i woke up and could hardly open my eyes. like they were all puffy and i thought my eyes were open but they were like almost swollen shut!! and i had some sort of infection and all sorts of shit newayzz got 3 new medications and wut not.
i stayed home from skool yesterdayy becasue of it
today there is no skool and im at my gmass bored as hell rockin out to panic at the disco and stuff. i made all these really cool colorful bracelets there pretty and ultra raver.
well thats it bye.

10/1/05 10:50 pm - whoa whoa whoa weekend crows

yea i dot know about that subject headline it just seemed to rhyme..

i went to the berlin fair with tiffany and grizzly aka griswald aka matt
it was funn but hella cold like whoa
grizzly is nice i aprrove of him.. for now haha
well the fair hs gotten really lame since i last remember going. shit made from peoples basments with popsicle sticks being sold over priced haha and some rusty ass rides that looked like they would break. yea but grizzly met alot of his friends there adn they just stood around alot so we sort of ditched and then went back
i left early at 830
then i took patrice out for her birthday.
we went to some hip hop club thingg and patrice made me look all gangster gangsterr it was funny watching ehr interact they taught me how to dance the hip hop. and the boys were silly

i went to work at 7 am after going to bed at 3 it was hell haha but it was pretty easy some class reunion at st. josephs college
THENNNNN MY MOM let me take the car keyss and i went driving around town and i picked up kevin and we went to the races in hartford and i raced sombodyyy. but he had tot ake the wheel quite a few times cuz im suchh an awful driver!! and we blasted tehcno musicc with glowsticks haha and ppl stared and giggled.

as of now kevin is asleep on the couch and i am here.
i think i shall go join him.


9/24/05 04:03 pm - mhmm normalcy is normal

wellll aimee oficially hates us for like ditching her at the concert but no1 cares cuz shes annoying. she was sceaming at tiffany like a phsyco IM MORE POPULAR THAN YOU. which just demonstrates her physcopathicness. also the plsu side is she doesnt talk to us ne more haha

yea im gettin all good grades in skool for onces in my life. pretty happy bout that^_^ everythign has been coming pretty easy for me.
hmm wut welse wut else
Oh! we are about to move in out new house. i want to paint my room all raver rainbow theme.
tiffany is onna help me paint it tommorow ^_^
james broke up with his hideous girlfriend that makes me happy haha

kk thats the wonderful wonderfulness of my life

9/20/05 04:00 pm - WOOT! ska ISNT dead lolz

well tonight i attended the ska is dead concert with tiffany.
it was wicked good except we spent alot of the time running from aimme cuz she was annoying enough to invite herself to the concert to hang out with us.
tiffanys neighbors band was really good. there called go hit dave. they remind me of sickboy and the bahamas lol but there singer sucks! i should be the singer haha
we got really crazy during tip the van whent he played the circle song. we skanked alot it was sooo hot.
and the planet smashers were awesome.
we had to leave early at 10 adn here i am. but it was allll good.

9/15/05 05:03 pm - yep an awful awful day

yea well i thought everything was going great.
for once im doing well in skool. wrote one hotassss english paper.
my friends are all tiiight. just it was goin good.
then today. today was a good day until i got home.
well james has a new girlfriend which shouldnt be a surprise its been a longggg time. but i still really really liked him i guess. and he was supposed to be coming to visit and shit.
well yea just his new girlfriend came as a shockk. i guess i kept thinkin it would be like old timess talkin to him on the phone. it sorta hurts. i cried. alot.
i guess ill just have to get over it.
newayz im prettier than his new girlfriend rahahahaha jk shes nice looking i suppose.
eh end of this entry shit.

things to look forward too::
ska is dead---- tuesday

9/12/05 08:06 pm - yess time to update

yea time to update this shit. its be a looooooong while.

well here we go skool has started. its goign all right i think im smarter this year.
i sit with jonothan and his weird friensd at lunch. tiffany might join me.
yep skool is iigh i guess not much to say there.

hmmm i need help in "planning my future"
i dont know hwo to go about getting into a really good college or really wut i want todo.
i want to do something with fashion or be an anesthesiologists in the hosipital. yea those two career choices are complelty like opposite.
but fashion is my first love. i just dont know if i have wut it takes. i think i want to be a fashion editor or something for a magazine. like put clothes together and outfits im really good at that. im also good at DIY.
hmmm decisions decisions they suck

well i passed my driving exam took me four times. my mom said i cant drive until i learn how todo it better and unlike most ppl i will admit that i am an extremly bad driver. i have trouble paying attention to detail and what not. ive always had that problem, its just a matter of looking for soultions. i should be on the road soon so WATCHOUT.
well thats all i gots to say

6/22/05 02:47 pm


geometry final tommorow wish me luck! <3
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