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yess time to update

yea time to update this shit. its be a looooooong while.

well here we go skool has started. its goign all right i think im smarter this year.
i sit with jonothan and his weird friensd at lunch. tiffany might join me.
yep skool is iigh i guess not much to say there.

hmmm i need help in "planning my future"
i dont know hwo to go about getting into a really good college or really wut i want todo.
i want to do something with fashion or be an anesthesiologists in the hosipital. yea those two career choices are complelty like opposite.
but fashion is my first love. i just dont know if i have wut it takes. i think i want to be a fashion editor or something for a magazine. like put clothes together and outfits im really good at that. im also good at DIY.
hmmm decisions decisions they suck

well i passed my driving exam took me four times. my mom said i cant drive until i learn how todo it better and unlike most ppl i will admit that i am an extremly bad driver. i have trouble paying attention to detail and what not. ive always had that problem, its just a matter of looking for soultions. i should be on the road soon so WATCHOUT.
well thats all i gots to say
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