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yep an awful awful day

yea well i thought everything was going great.
for once im doing well in skool. wrote one hotassss english paper.
my friends are all tiiight. just it was goin good.
then today. today was a good day until i got home.
well james has a new girlfriend which shouldnt be a surprise its been a longggg time. but i still really really liked him i guess. and he was supposed to be coming to visit and shit.
well yea just his new girlfriend came as a shockk. i guess i kept thinkin it would be like old timess talkin to him on the phone. it sorta hurts. i cried. alot.
i guess ill just have to get over it.
newayz im prettier than his new girlfriend rahahahaha jk shes nice looking i suppose.
eh end of this entry shit.

things to look forward too::
ska is dead---- tuesday
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