name_that_freak (name_that_freak) wrote,

la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

wow its almost like vacation 4 day weekend!!
there was no skool today so tiffy came over hella early at like 8 am and we went to this new diner DISHES it was soooooooooooooooooo cute. it was just like a little peice of new york dropped in the middle of dingy hartford. like the light fixtures and stuff were so neat. the food was excellent. the staff was adorable and polite. shitt i should write them a full reveiw and make everyone go there ^_^

thenn we took the bus to go to bucklyn mall and we missed the first bus so we walked around downtown it was hella hot for an october dayy
finally we go to bucklyn malll and we were really tired. but we walked around all these stores looking for nice clothes but all theyy had was shittt
we got stalked by some crazy old men. and finally we got so tired we sat and joked on this bench for a long long time and everyone that walked by stared!! old men, young men, ugly men, fat men hahaha sooo annoynig.
it was a nicee dayy
noww i have to get ready for my outing with john... im so tired i dont even really want to go but if eel bad about cancelling so many timess so im gonna stick it out.. who knowss maybe it will be fun
bye bye
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hahahaha everyone stared, old ugly and fat.
great combination of men we got there.

oh and sure the outing w/ john was fun.
it sure sounded so!
oh that outing def was NOT fun haha
a big dissappointment