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Inside A Freaks Mind

A look inside

2 April
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Im Angela and i write in my journal.
all american rejects, animals, annie got your gun, aqua, aquabats, art shows, atreyu, beastie boys, blink 182, blood, bloodhoung gang, bondage, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, boys, bracelets, brazil, brian deegan, broadway, bubbles, case of the mondays, catch 22, catch-22, cats, checkerboard, checkered shoes, cherry coke, city slickers, concerts, dancing, degrassi, dirtbikes, dramatics, dropkick murphys, eiffel 65, eminem, emo, endive, evanescence, extreme sports, eyeliner, fashion design, fmx, freaks, freaks of nature, freestyle motocross, fun, funeral for a friend, glitter, gravity games, grease, hailfax, hangin out, happy days, hellogoobye, highschool football heros, home grown, horror pops, incubus, insult to tradition, jenoah, joe somebody, kawasaki, kicking ass., kissing, kittens, kx250, la bamba, learning multiple languages, less than jake, lostprophets, mad caddies, makeup, malcolm in the middle, maroon 5, marron 5, mest, mike metzger, modeling, moon ska records, mosh pits, movies, mustard plug, mx, my fair lady, my mom, n.e.r.d., nate adams, necklaces, nerds, nofx, pageants, patent pending, pearls, people, pictures, pink, plastic bangle braclets, playing, plays, polka dots, punchline, punk, purses, rain boots, rancid, reel big fish, reruns, richie valens, ricky carmichael, ricky carmicheal, rx bandits, saved by the bell, saves the day, screaming, ska, ska-punk, skanking, sleeping, some emo, something corporate, spiderman, static x, story of the year, streetlight manifesto, stripes, stunting, sugarcult, sum 41, supercross, taking back sunday, taking pictures, the aquabats, the king and i, the mall, the oc, the skatalites, the skatelites, the vines, transplants, traveling, trustcompany, urcle, warped tour, xgames, yellowcard