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whoa whoa whoa weekend crows

yea i dot know about that subject headline it just seemed to rhyme..

i went to the berlin fair with tiffany and grizzly aka griswald aka matt
it was funn but hella cold like whoa
grizzly is nice i aprrove of him.. for now haha
well the fair hs gotten really lame since i last remember going. shit made from peoples basments with popsicle sticks being sold over priced haha and some rusty ass rides that looked like they would break. yea but grizzly met alot of his friends there adn they just stood around alot so we sort of ditched and then went back
i left early at 830
then i took patrice out for her birthday.
we went to some hip hop club thingg and patrice made me look all gangster gangsterr it was funny watching ehr interact they taught me how to dance the hip hop. and the boys were silly

i went to work at 7 am after going to bed at 3 it was hell haha but it was pretty easy some class reunion at st. josephs college
THENNNNN MY MOM let me take the car keyss and i went driving around town and i picked up kevin and we went to the races in hartford and i raced sombodyyy. but he had tot ake the wheel quite a few times cuz im suchh an awful driver!! and we blasted tehcno musicc with glowsticks haha and ppl stared and giggled.

as of now kevin is asleep on the couch and i am here.
i think i shall go join him.

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