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it rained in newengland for a total of 8 days major flooding all that shit.
FINALLY THE SUN CAME OUT ON SATURDAY u felt like a vampire i was so blinded by this new concept of light haha

newayz i spent ALL DAMN WEEKEND moving into our new house in bloomfeild.
by saturday night we were grouchy and rude. like i was in the worst possible mood. PMS + the cold+ moving all day+ extreme exhaustain ==== BAD COMBO AND HELL BAD MOOD.
it was horrible i was so mean haha every felt bad for me cuz i was in such a bad mood so they just al
l stayed outta my way. plus they were in bad moods too so it was ebst we justt stayed waway from eachother. the car ride home was so silent haha..

mm todayy i moved all day got up at like 730. went to Annes house for dinner. fun. good food. family. yea.

oh almost forgot. saturday when it was still raining in the morning i got in a car accident. there were huge tidal waves blowing up on either side of my car frmo all this rain on the street. adnt his car behind me spun out and hti the back of my car i freaked and all the rain on either side the tidal waves were freakin me out adn then the hit and just my car hit the guard rails and slid cuz the break pads were hella wet. i hurt my neck and hti my head on the windoww. yea not a happy camper haha.

thats my weekend. awful isnt it??!?!?!?
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