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Inside A Freaks Mind

A look inside

6/21/05 02:37 pm - finallsss

yesterday i took my bio final. it was pretty easy im glad im done with that!
next is english nad cartooning class. wish meh luck!

im beggining to pack for cali. my familie is being gay and trying to make up allt hese reasons why i cant go. well arnet they gonne feel stupid when i jsut get up and leave on the 29th. JERKS!

kk bye!

6/19/05 02:32 pm - work experiancee

kk well last night was my first day of work at temp source the catering shit.
it was actaully really awesome.
earlier yesterday i went to sea cadets. it was muy boring but i hung out with erica and i fell asleep and got yelled at by the commander man.

work started at 3. we were catering for some NFL football players wedding. the wedding was huge! with like 400 ppl and this huge outdoor tent. the wedding was estimated to cost about $32,000. newayz i first helped set up tables and each place setting had 5! facny ass cups. the tables looked nice. then the weding was over and they had a cocktail our adn i had to pass orderves. i walked around with the tray and polietly asked "hello would u like to try this __insert weird food name here___" and the ppl were sooo hungry they ate everything!
thenn the wedding moved into the tent for dinner. i got to clear plates and serve plates it was kinda tought because some ppl were leaning in odd directions and it was hard to get around them to place down there food. then us workers got to eat a lil. the food was pretty good. then we passed out cake. i got to eat a peice of cake and THAT CAKE WAS BANGING!
overall i madde $100 nott bad and the wedding was done at 12.
it was a funn first work day! but tiring!!

6/15/05 02:19 pm - out of skool earlayyy

well today it was SO HOT in the skool that they had to shut it down for the second time at 12:00 because the conditions were unbearable! teachers were fainting and such and students were complaining. wut losers.
mm well i went home adn watched tv and played outside with ronnie and some other neuighborhood kids. we had water guns and a bag of chips = instant fun.

6/14/05 02:31 pm - out of skool early

well today we got out early.
after skool i went to aimees with of course aimmee (she lives there )and tiffany came too. we hung out and lunged around beacause we werea ll sooo lazy. i beat up aimees brotehr (taught him how to fightt) and me, tiffy, and jonathan took silly pictures. and we danced to some ska and sang all off key. we ate crackers and these popsicle things. it was a good day.
now im home.'my moms a bitch end of story.

6/13/05 02:25 pm - mm the party.

kk the party was funn. got otu round 6 and did ericas hair. changed my clothes it was soo hot. and thenn round 8 ppl started coming. lotta drinking.. smoking.. i was really messedd up. i got to go for a ride on one of those moped thingss that was wicked funn. i met this kid named ziggy he was pretty cool. he has this awesome sweatshit that smells soooo good that now me and erica have like stolen it lol.
somehow i lost a shoe and 1 of my belts (i was wearing 2).
it was a good weekend.
the end.

6/12/05 07:19 pm - BLAH!

hung over.
i will update manana aka tomoroow
thats all folks!

6/9/05 05:19 pm - time for an update

ITS HOTTER THAN HELL! but im likin it!! it means SUMMER IS HERE!!
im getting so anxious to be out of skool
but i guess skool is kickin ass.
i got my new schedral we got to test it out yesterday it was fun i like most of my classes. ILL NEVER SLEEP IN 1st PERIOD AGAIN!! that class is jsut gonna be wild next year.

well today was fun me and ronnie CRUISED up to taco bell, i ran some errands for old miss shaffer and got 20 bucks!!! i know im rich now :D

well yes that was a lovely update wasnt it??


6/5/05 06:11 pm - WHOA BOY I NEED TO SLEEP!

today i went to the all day flee market in new haven it was fun.
i woke up at 2 pm today cuz it was the first time i slept in like 3 days

thursday- concert, stayed on phone with james till time to get ready for skool
friday-camped at the track
saturday-rode at the treack
saturday night- watched movies till 3am

i think ill go watch a cool movie!!

6/2/05 06:01 pm - STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO oh oh!

alright last night i saw streetlight manifesto (a ska band) play at the webster with tiffany and nick.
it was a kickass show. i met up with the girls i met at the bowling alley last month when i went alone. and they were as usuall dancinn wildly and such.
i spotted tiffany standing with nick and was like OMG HI! I FOUND U!!
tip the van played and as usual they kickedass i was so thrilled when they played the circle song!!!!!! i love there old stuff on the swirly cd it kicksass! i danced with tiffany and natalie.
then this HORRIBLE band came on and we were forced to LEAVE. so we went to the underground and a really rad band was playing. then we went to the game room and nick kicked tiffys ass at some arcade game.
thenw e went to get drinks when LOW AND BEHOLD WHO DO I SEE! that hideous boy that i beat up at EVERYSHOW!! i totally embarrassed nick and tiffy when i screamed at that ugly boy "HEY PUNK! REMEMBER ME BITCH?? PUNK!! ASSHOLE!!"
it was too funny tiff and nick know it was amusing!! lol
there was also some kid with an extremly odd mohawk i was jsut DYING to touch but nick kept scaring the shit out of me and slapping my hand everytime i got ready to touch it!!
it was kickass hangin with tiffy, nick, and natalie.. we'll all have to do that again sometime!

kk the end.

5/15/05 03:56 pm - this shit is wack!

wow this is gettin out of hand.
i shall update ALOT soon.
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